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At House of Pole we offer pole dance, pole fitness, flexibilty, hoop and silk classes. With some of the highest poles in Copenhagen we’ll provide you at a great workout! Most of our classes are taught in English.

Our classes are usually of 55 minutes length or 85 minutes.


’Pole Beginners’ (the very first time)

_1060671 ’Pole Beginners’ is for the very first time pole dancer. If you have never tried pole dance before this is the class you should join. We proivde you with the basic techniques and spins and by the end of the class you might be seeing yourself hanging upside-down.


‘Pole Newbies’

This class is for everybody who has joined Pole Beginners once. We will go through basic techniques from Pole Beginners class, but in a faster pace. You will usually stay at this level 3-5 times. When you master tricks and spins such as Buddha, Sunwheel, inverting and Crusifix you should move on to Pole Position 1 classes.


’Pole Position’ (Level 1, 2,3,4,5 & Mix)


Level 1 is for new pole dancers who master the basics. You will learn to combine various spins and tricks and we are aware that everyone is different in style. Some of the things you will be working on are how to sit in the pole, Hangback, Star, Rock star, Outside leg hang, Piruettes, Ice Skater, Body Spiral amongst others.

Level 2 is for the intermediate pole dancer. We will start on some of the more advanced tricks and combos. You will learn to do Teddy Bear, switch from Outside leg hang to Inside leg hang, Butterfly, Supid, Straddle, Air invert, Shoulder Mount prep, Caterpillar, Aicha on so on.

Level 3 is for high level intermediate. Most of the tricks requires some strength and flexibilty. You will learn to do Extended Butterfly, Ectended Aicha, Brass Monkey, Brass Monkey roll, Jacknife, Allegra, Mexican Split and so on.

Level 4 is for advanced. Tricks that will be taught are Jenyne spin, Extended ALlegra, Phoenix spin, Russian Split, er for de højt øvede. Her leger vi med poledance tricks såsom; Jenyne spin, Ext. Allegra, Phoenix spin, Russian Split, Iron X, Outside Supermand mm.

Level 5 is the level that our instructors are at. We therefore expect you to have a certain level of strength and flexibility. You will be taught how to do Tabletop, Iguana, saltos and much more.

Mix is a mixed class for all levels. We will have different tricks for all levels Get ready to get inspired by some of the experienced girls.



’Pole dance’ 


Experience the flow in pole dance. The class will focus on basic spins and tricks put nicely together, so you create a beautiful flow around the pole.


‘Pole Flow’

The purpose with this class is to learn how to do floorwork and get a great flow around the pole. It’s a great prep class for pole dance.

‘Free Aerial’

On Free Aerial you set the agenda. It’s a “train yourself” class.

‘Power Pole’

‘Power Pole’ is a class that focuses on strength. It fitness exercise on the pole. See if you can pull yourself up in the pole.


’Core & Stretch’

This is a class that will improve your core strenght. This is a way for you to gain more strenght in order to be ready for the more acrobatic tricks in the pole. However, there is also a great focus on flexibilty in this class.


This is a class that only focuses on flexibilty. However, we focus on becoming flexible with strength


‘Pole Newborn’

Here you can bring your newborn baby to class.




Aerial hoop is a new way to excerise. By training in the hoop you will become more flexible and strong. Enter a World of beautiful acrobatic moves hanging in the big ring from the ceiling.  Watch a short video her – Hoop video

‘Hoop Beginners’ (den første lektion)

Hoop Beginners is the class you want to go to if you haven’t tried aerial hoop before. We will guide you, so you’ll learn how to hold the hoop correctly and teach you how to get up and down from the hoop safely. Du will learn a small combination of the tricks you just learned by the end of the class.

‘Hoop Newbies’

This is for you who have been to a Hoop Beginners class. You will learn a lot of different combinations in this class.

‘Hoop Position 1’

The level is higher and we will focus on making every move and new combination perfect.


Silk is a performance art exercised in a silk tissues hanging from the ceiling. You can Watch a short video here – Silk video

‘Silk Beginners’ (The first lesson)


The Beginners class is for you WHO have never tried silks before. You will learn to climb, do a foot lock and to do a lot of beautiful positions.

‘Silk Newbies’

Silk Newbies is for you who have been to Silk Beginners before. The intensity is increased and you find yourself upside Down more often. We focus on smaller combinations.

‘Silk Position 1’

The level is higher and we will focus on making every move and new combination perfect.


Note that the classes can vary from department to department.