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You can now sign up for Danish SummerPole Camp 2017!!!

It’s a 2-day training camp! Everybody can participate.

Friday and Saturday is for intermediate and Saturday and Sunday is for advanced. 


Click on the photo to enlarge the program. 


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Nadia SharifNadia Sharif poledance

Nadia began her pole dancing journey in 2008 after watching Felix Cane on youtube. She was so inspired that she went to IKEA and bought a closet rack that she then installed into her bedroom as a pole and began to teach herself from watching people such as Karol Helms and Pantera. Since then, Nadia has won state, national and international titles as both a soloist and a duo with her amazing partner and fellow Bad Kitty Ambassador Mina Mortezaie. Nadia is so passionate about pole that she left her electrical engineering career in 2011 to travel the globe to teach, judge and perform. Now she has her own TWISTED intensive and online tutorial channel under titled TWISTED TV by Nadia.

Nadia is very honored to have received the amount of love and support that she has from the pole world and wants to do all that she can to give back to the community that changed her life.



  • Gotham City’s Finest Feature Dancer – 2016
  • IPC Doubles Pole Fit Champions with Mina Mortezaie – 2013
  • National Aerial Pole Art Champion – 2012
  • California Pole Dance Champion – 2012
  • International Pole Masters Cup Doubles Champions with Mina Mortezaie – 2012


Show case


Molly PretzelMolly Pretzel

Molly Pretzel started pole dancing in 2012. She won her first competition in 2016, Danish Nationals. Since then she has been competing in several international competitions and placed in all of them. She’s known for her energetic choreographies and her ability to capture the audience’s attention. As a former dancer, she always attempts to incorporate flow and dance as much as possible.Besides from being a passionate performer, Molly has her own studio located in Aalborg; www.houseofconcrete.dkWatch some of her work here:Danish Nationals 2016



MelinaMelina small

Melina is originally from Athens, Greece. She is a former gymnast and has been dancing Contemporary Dance. She started her pole training in a studio in Greece where she participated in pole dance classes for 6 months before moving to Denmark. After a couple of months of pole dancing in Copenhagen, she was hired as an instructor and encouraged to try to compete. Melina signed up for the Pro category in the Danish Pole Dance Championship 2014.


  • Danish Pole Dance Championship 2014 – Winner Pro category
  • Pole Theatre Greece 2016 – Winner Pole Art Professional

Pole Theatre Greece


Ekaterina Dipman19349477_10212536061132369_920892294_o

Ekaterina Dipman is a pole dance competitor and instructor from Denmark. She started her sport career in Russia with rhythmic gymnastic, where she back then did competitions. She has more then 10 years of experience with gymnastic and pole dance sport.

  • -DRAGONFLY brand ambassador
  • -Winner of DM pole 2016, Professional Level
  • -Finalist of Pole Theatre Scandinavia 2016
  • -Founder of Pole Dance Competition Denmark 2016
  • -Winner of Pole Theatre Sweden 2015, Pole Art, Semi-Pro
  • -Winner of DM pole 2015, Beginner


Check out some of her work on Facebook


Jan Teller

Jan Teller

Jan is a very passionate photographer specialized in photographing athletes. He has spend the last 5 years on photographing athletes within the fitness, pole dancing and dancing sphere.

Today, he is one of the most experienced and well known photographers in Scandinavia. Jan is very enthusiastic about he’s work and wishes to create photos where the performer appears powerful in a gracious way.

He’s been photographing some of the most well known pole dancers such as, Anastasia Skukhtorova, Marion Crampe and Louise Wawrzynska.


Check out his work here:


HoP-TeametUntitled Session10943

Are you ready to get stronger, more flexible and get inspired with new tricks and transitions from around the world? Then you can look forward to the HoP-team workshop!

HoP is an abbreviation of House of Pole, thus the HoP-team consist of the instructors from all of the departments. Everyone is in a different level, with a different background, giving YOU the opportunity to develop on this workshop! There will be around 15-20 spotters, providing you with different techniques so you will have the opportunity to crack the code if there is a trick that doesn’t work. The HoP-team has been taught by Phoenix Kazree, Dimitry Politov, Anastasia Skukhtorova, Jenyne Butterfly, Oona Kivela and many more. You will learn new tricks on this workshop, so look forward to it!




If  you are a level 1/2/(3) at House of Pole the Intermediate workshop will be for you. We recommend that you are able to do Butterfly (not extended), inside/outside leg hang and that you can do an invert (aerial invert is perfect).


If you are a level (3)/4/5 at HoP we recommend this workshop for you. The prerequisites are a stabile Handspring and Extended Butterfly.


Booking and Price

You can sign up for the camp even though if you train at another pole dance studio. Get ready to get inspired!

Choose level:

Intermediates have workshop on Friday and Saturday and Advanced is on Saturday and Sunday.


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Your booking is not final until the payment has gone through.

Din tilmelding er først endelig ved betaling.

Price and payments

The camp costs 1499,- for 2 days all-inclusive. Deposit is included in the price and amounts to 500,- . The deposit is non refundable and has to be paid after booking and the rest by 5th August 2017. If you pay by bank transfer do note that there is a fee.

Campen koster kr. 1499,- for de 2 dage og er alt inklusiv. Depositum på kr. 500,- er inkluderet, og er ikke refunderbart og skal betales ved booking. Restbeløbet skal være betalt senest d.5. august 2017.

Bank details:

0440 11059309 (Write your name+dspc17)

Iban DK2930000011059309


This is what you get for your money

  • 6-7 workshops; inspiration from extremely talented pole dancers, dancers and aerial artists
  • Faboulous photos from the best sports photographer in Denmark
  • Healthy and nutritious food
  • You get to be part of a great community
  • A greater network within the sport you love
  • Opportunity to ask experienced teachers for advice

In total; you’ll get an AMAZING experience!

You can sleep in the studio, but remember pillow and blanket. We have an air mattress for you.


The camp will take place in House of Pole – Slagelse.

(Kongstedvej 2, 4200 Slagelse)